You just completed a complex design made up of hundreds of overlapping rectangles using just two color fills, red and blue. You save the design, but you would like to experiment with alternate colors. So you do a “Save As” and name your new version. You select one of the red shapes and use the Select menu to select the rest of the red shapes – Select > Same > Fill Color. You change the red fills with one click of a swatch. Now you’re ready to select the all the blue rectangles. You could first deselect all the “newly colored” rectangles and then click on a blue rectangle and use the Select menu to select all the rectangles with the same blue fill color. Or, even better, with all the “newly colored” rectangles still selected, go to Select menu > Inverse and every object that is NOT selected (all the blue shapes) will be selected and the “newly colored” shapes get deselected. Even faster!

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe Training Provider.