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Retouching Eyes with Photoshop CS4

Photographer Chris Alvanas uses some of the new tools and functionality of Photoshop CS4 to retouch the eyes of his subject.


  • Isaac Young says:

    That was quite amazing. I had not seen a tutorial on how to enhance the eye color in Photoshop before.

  • tom says:

    please get a muff for your mike. Popping out, Now to the tut , Great stuff, Thanks!

  • tom says:

    please get a muff for your mike. Popping out, Now to the tut , Great stuff, Thanks!!

  • tom says:

    I am too stupid to follow you, Fisrt the shot cut for WIndows people is Alt+ Right click and drag to size the brush
    and Alt+Shift+right click for hardness. We dont all have a MAC.
    D is the shortcut for default and Q= quickmask, I would find it helpful to learn how to find the selections thru the menus as Hot keys are hard to remeber. I think you should show both Menus and Shortcuts.

    I was following along I got the eue masked and the slection was showing the race flag on the iris. I clicked on vibrance in the adjustment pannel, I lost the slection of the Iris when I moved the slider for saturation it affected the whole image not just the iris that was selected. Another note in the vibrance item in the layers pannel, the box to the right of the constrains chain link / vibrance slider is white not black as shown in your tutorial. I have gone back 4 times to figure it out. Again I must be too stupid to learn this. I can run Cinema 4 d Like a MFER but this stumps me. Any Ideas?

  • Ehab says:

    boys and girls? who ur talking to ur kids?

  • haidar says:

    very helpfull, thanks

  • Wes says:

    I would have to agree with the pc/mac confusion on this lesson. These guys at NAPP have some of the best tutorials on the web, but this one kind of drops the ball for pc users. We realize the rest of the photo and graphic world looks down on us for using pc’s but it is what we have.

    I got around the selection for vibrance adjustment by using inverse on the selection and making a clipping mask for the iris selection. How I do it is create the adjustment layer, hold the alt key and hover the pen/mouse icon between the layers and tap.

    I am not even close to figuring Creative Suites out yet so I know there has got to be an easier way. If the person giving the tutorial doesn’t cover the pc controls, I usually pause it and go through a series of trials until I get the results I am looking for. (i.e. push buttons)

    Don’t forget this is supposed to be fun.

  • graveto says:

    For anyone who is not familiar with Mac keyboard “option key” is “alt key”, “delete key” is “backspace key” and the “command key” is “ctrl key” on pc.

    command+option = ctrl+alt
    mac pc

  • junaid says:

    i still have a problem how when ever i used to vibrance tool it affected the whole image except the iris. it like the opposite i wanted it to happen please can someone tell me what am i doing wrong.

  • photo joe says:

    Please get a muff, Im feeling sick!

  • sparky says:

    The vibrance doesn’t work for me either. The whole image is affected not just the iris. Haidar and graveto are right.
    This guy left out something important

  • cucu says:

    thank forever

  • Ebony says:

    Im technologically handicap. Why is my brush tool black instead of red?

  • Stefan says:

    That was great. How would you reduce a puffiness under the eyes without changing the the eyes roundness appearance. I used the healing tool, but it removes the puffiness, which makes the eyes appear unrealistic. I still want to have depth and fullness around the eye without making the skin appear flat and smooth.

  • Frogger says:

    ok when I hold the control key down i get the move crosshair?

  • Jayed says:

    Stefan, maybe a bit of blur? Masks work as well 😀

  • Michael says:

    I have been using PS for 11 years. I never could understand layers, and I still cannot after watching this. The view is too small and I cannot read anything. The audio sux or else the guy slurs his words. I guess I will continue to edit my photos as I have for 11 years, without using layers. Frankly, I don’t know why I upgraded to CS4. I think this tutorial should be done over and explained in more detail with a view screen about three times this size.

    It would have been nice if Adobe sent along a user’s hard copy guide.


  • fishtail01 says:

    i had a problem with adjusting the whole image as well. heres what i did. do the mask mode then switch off of it, but before you click adjustments and vibrance tool, inverse the selection by going to select in the top tool bar. then go to the tool and it should work…

  • Sarah says:

    relatively new to ps. completely new to cs4.

    the red highlight in my q mask has just disappeared. anyone know why? or how i get it back?

  • Sarah says:

    nm. problem solved.

  • TwoSevensClash says:

    Thanks to the translations from previous posts I navigated through the vibrance part, but Ctrl-click on the mask, then backspace??? to get to a levels adjustment level??

    Six months after the first complaints about poor directions for PC users and nothing has been updated??!!!

  • EVANS says:

    Thanks for the class, its so interesting.
    Big up

  • Jo Ann says:

    Hi Mr. Chris, I was following ur tut but i got stuck on to erase the excessive red mask you did on the eye…please help me which key you used? Thanks!