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Fireworks CS4 Symbols

Tom Green discusses integration between Fireworks and Flash CS4. In this tutorial, he creates a button in Fireworks and brings it into Flash to give it functionality.


  • Barbara ONeal says:

    Very Kewl Tom.

  • Michel says:

    Nice tutorial!

    One question, though — what would have happened if, during import into Flash CS4, you have kept all vectors editable? You would lose the texture of the button, right?

    I am asking just because I thought that it’s better to import a vector object into Flash (like this Fireworks button, in .png format) but then, keep the vectors intact?

    Let me know if I’m asking a stupid question;-)

  • Tom Green says:

    The problem there Michael, is you will lose the texture. This is one aspect of the FW to Flash workflow that has always hacked me off.

  • Michel says:


    Hmmm, then this is a bug? Maybe this can be improved in a future version? Not losing the texture *and* the vectors editability, would be great in an import from Fireworks into Flash? 🙂

  • tom says:

    So I am assuming making a 3 state button in flash is hard and by doing it in fireworks it makes the job much easier.

  • Tom Green says:

    Depends on the button style, Tom. If you are looking for textures, beevels and so on then FW may be the choice.

  • Robert says:

    I dont know if its right place to ask this, but id like to know how to bring frames-states with file from
    fireworks to photoshop?

    thank you

  • Rich says:

    Does it work both ways? Can I import my Flash buttons into Fireworks?

  • Jeff says:

    i was able to make the button, however i could not make it work when i put it into dreamweaver. is there a step i am missing?