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Premiere Pro CS5 Tapeless Workflow

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Learn the best way to get a variety of tape-less video formats into Premiere and then make them all work together flawlessly along the Premiere Pro timeline.


  • That is a wonderful feature!

  • Nicholas McGuigan says:

    Interesting! I have been struggling with the front end of a tapeless workflow. Basically, I was taking the MTS files out of an AVCHD container and using them directly. I think that was the effect of Franklin’s drag and drop. I haven’t got my kit in front of me but I suspect he would have been unable to set any metadata on the MTS files.

    The trick is to use the Premiere media browser to “see” the clips in the AVCHD container. I now move the whole container off the camera, onto a disk (library), check it and tag using OnLocation with its media browser and then consume it in Premiere using its media browser.

    Is anyone working out these types of workflows?