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Photoshop Image to Web using Fireworks CS4

Tom Green shows off how to bring a Photoshop image into Fireworks and export it as an html document.


  • Jim Andrews says:

    That was great info, thanks!
    I am a student trying to re align my thoughts on using my skills in CS3 to help with some freelance work.
    It has been around six months and I have not touched the programs recently.

    This toot help me remember how easy it seems to be to design a page with multiple sources; photshop, fireworks.

  • Terry Veiga says:


    In your example, why doesn’t the FW text render as live text in the browser?


  • Ryan Fowler says:

    I like it! Thank you! All the information that is taught here is a great thing!

  • Nikki says:

    I have the same question as Terry. I actually watched for the specific purpose of finding how how to make text appear as text when exporting from fireworks.

  • Man says:

    Thank U for your tutorial 🙂

  • virgil says:

    very informing, well done

  • Scott says:

    Great tutorial. But what are you doing from 3:07 – 3:16 (“This is a little too close, I’m just going to pull this over….”)???

  • really nice tutorial, thanks for sharing..