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Photographing Business Portaits

Jean-Francois O’Kane, the Studio Coach, talks about setting up a simple, two-light studio session for a business portrait.


  • demtl says:

    Thanks for the tutorial!
    C’est l’fun! Vous êtes Québécois!

  • Richard says:

    Very good. It would be interesting to know what ISO, aperture, and speed you used for the photos. Thanks.

  • Jean-Francois O'Kane says:

    Dear Richard,
    As a rule of thumb I do not give specific satas on a pic. The setup that you will do will differ in poer-distance or camera type. The most important feature is to know how to do it and to expose not to burn your highlights.
    This particular set was done at 400ISO-1/40th-f5.0.

  • Richard says:

    Thanks. I can understand why you would use a tripod…:)

  • zabel says:

    Wow super professionnel encore une fois, très contente pour toi.

    ma question est-ce des flash ou lumière continue, il me semble ne pas avoir vue flasher.

    merci de partagé avec nous ça gratuitement, Donner et vous recevrez !tu va en ressortir gagnant, sûrement déjà gagnant

    lâche pas tu m’inspire

  • Wylde says:

    She’s smokin’! Nice looking models ALWAYS help… 😉

  • Jeff says:

    I agree that a good looking model helps but I want to see a real 50+ year old executive that needs REAL soft light filled in all around.
    I think I would like to have a little reality here in that most “executives” getting shots are older and need different lighting needs.

    But that said young or old I would have brought a softbox in and cross lit the subject wrapping the light around her.

  • says:

    Very nice tutorial. Thank you.

  • Nick says:

    There are several things that you forgot to mention in your tutorial. One is why your using a lens hood. And two you need to talk about the amount of power your supplying to any artificial light source.
    And lastly I would have gotten an additional model who wasn’t fair skinned so that more types of people are covered in your tutorial.

  • mainemonty says:

    thanks for all your work in offering these free teaching aids…cheers