On Location Photography: Edgy, Athletic Portrait

Step Three

Edgy, Athletic Portrait
The images on my LCD showed that the strips were hitting her arms—exactly where they were aimed; however, I wanted to add another specific highlight to her neck and hair. To accomplish that, I added two Elinchrom Rangers with A Heads and standard reflectors aimed at her neck from the sides. Once again, light spill and flare became a problem, so I added two 7″, 20° grids to these lights, essentially turning the strobes into focused spotlights. Edgy, Athletic PortraitWith some careful aiming, I was able to get these lights to hit Janelle’s neck perfectly. To add a strong highlight, the lights were set to about +1 overexposed. Now, we have five lights blazing away! So far, so good. 

Edgy, Athletic Portrait

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