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Selfie for the Win at NPPA Competition

Everyone here at KelbyOne has an opinion on “selfies”. The debate often rages on good-naturedly around the lunchroom. We are sure you find yourselves conversing about it often as well. From, “Should I take a selfie right now?” to “Why (!!) is s/he taking a selfie right now?” and all the points in-between. However you feel about it, think about it, or define it, the selfie seems to be here to stay.

The NPPA recently had a competition and the winner Troy Wayrynen captured first place in the contest with the image seen below. Join in the comments and let us know what you think about this image. The image definitely captures a moment that defines our current human experience. It made us begin to wonder… Who is taking selfies? Are you? Share your thoughts and let us know how taking selfies is important to you.


Selfie for the Win at NPPA Competition


Are you a selfie taker? Did you recently get a selfie-stick? Show us your selfie! Tell us about your selfie experiences!

One Comment

  • I don’t do selfies but when I want a quick pic with my kids and there isn’t anyone around that I could ask, so I am sort of ‘forced’ into it if I want to be in the shot too. I don’t have a selfie stick, nor will I ever buy one. See, when u use a selfie stick you don’t capture the background, just the “ground” behind you! hahahahahahahahaha

    That said, I think when visiting a place like Disney for example, or any other vacation spot, taking selfies is stupid because it barely includes yourself and three chins, and the “location” is missing. I just saw someone taking a selfie on an escalator in Disney and it could have been the Atlanta Airport considering you couldn’t tell where they heck they were. That just shows how some folks are missing a few cuticles in their brains.

    How hard is it to say: “Hi, could you please take a photo of us?”, (English is an international language, anyone knows what you’re saying!), and have a nice photo reminding you of your visit to “wherever”! I think this whole selfie thing boils down to two things:
    1. Being totally antisocial (I had people decline me taking a good photo of them also in Disney).
    2. Being narcissistic (look at celebrities, and the parts they so desperately try to show off as if we give a crap!)

    I use this as entertainment. I make jokes as I pass by…Hope they can hear me.
    I cannot take such an anti-photography way of taking a photo seriously.