On Location Photography: Edgy, Athletic Portrait

Step Two

Edgy, Athletic Portrait Next up, we used some Elinchrom 14×35″ Rotalux Strip Banks to add an edge of light to Janelle’s arms and sides. I tried the strip banks without grids, and the strobes spilled over into parts of the frame where I didn’t want any light. To remedy this, I added Lighttools Soft Egg Crate grids over the strip banks to narrow the light and hit just her arms and sides. Each strip bank was attached to another Elinchrom Ranger, and all the lights were triggered by an Elinchrom Skyport attached to my camera. Edgy, Athletic PortraitOne thing became very apparent: Because the lighting was so precise, Janelle would have to stand in the exact position each time. No big twists and turns on this shoot. 

Edgy, Athletic Portrait

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