Want to make an unusual Frame for a graphic? Select your Rounded Rectangle tool (hidden under the Rectangle tool) and click anywhere in your document. In the dialog window that opens, make both the Width and Height 5″ and the Corner Radius .5″ and click OK. Select your Type on a Path tool (hidden under the Type tool) and click on your Rounded Rectangle Path. Type a message in 12 point caps that follows the Path all the way around to where you started. If the type overflows, you can adjust the Tracking or Horizontal Scale in the Character palette (Window > Type > Character).

Select the Rounded Rectangle (the Path not the Type) with the Group Selection tool (the outlined arrow with the +). Add a 20 point Stroke in the Stroke palette (Window > Stroke) using a dark color. Now select the text with the Type on a Path tool by clicking three time in the text. Change the color of the text to white for a frame that’s so unusual it speaks for itself.