Look at Drawing from a Whole Angle

As part of a recent design project, I needed to draw a bunch of rectangles, ovals and Text Frames. The problem was that these objects needed to be drawn at a 45° angle. Of course, I could have rotated all the objects after drawing, but that takes extra work. Is there an easier way?

A lot of problems in Illustrator seem to have one common answer – change your Default Preferences. Go to the Illustrator menu (Edit on PC) > Preferences > General, and change Constrain from 0° to 45° and click OK. This will constrain the drawing of all your Rectangles, Ovals, and Text Frames, along with other objects to 45° by actually rotating the X/Y Axis of your document. Don’t believe me? After changing the Constrain Preferences, go to View > Show Grid. Even the Grid is angled to 45°. The most important tip however is to change the Constrain Preferences back to 0° when you’re finished drawing.

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.