You just copied eight pages of text from an existing InDesign document and would like to paste it into a new InDesign document which has a single page with a Master Text Frame (which of course is locked). How can you paste the copy into the new document so that it will flow from page to page automatically, adding enough pages to contain all the pasted text?

First, unlock the Master Text Frame by Command-Shift-Clicking on the frame (Control-Shift on PC). Then switch to your Type tool and Paste the text (Edit > Paste). The type fills the first page but it overflows the frame. Switch to your Selection tool and click on the Outport in the lower right of the Text Frame to pick up all the overflowing text. Add a page to your document (Layout > Pages > Add a Page). Shift-Click on the Master Text Frame on the new page to get your text flowing again and add enough pages to contain all the pasted text.

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.