Equal Spacing Between Text Blocks

I have four text frames running vertically down my page. I’d like to have an equal amount of space between my blocks of text. I’m sure the Align palette (Window > Object & Layout > Align) will have just what I need. First, I go to the Options flyout menu of the Align palette to make sure all Options are showing. Next, I select my four text frames with my Selection tool and click on the Distribute Vertical Space button to the lower left in the Distribute Spacing section of the palette. The two center text frames move to distribute the space equally, but the spacing between the blocks of type are not quite equal. The problem is that the space under the last baseline of text in each Frame is totally different. Some frames have a lot of extra space under the last line of copy, others have very little. How can I get rid of all the excess space in the Frame so that Distribute Vertical Spacing will work to make the space between blocks of text equal?

The solution is a feature that people use all the time for pictures, but rarely use when working with text. Select all four Frames and go to Object > Fitting > Fit Frame to Content. In an instant, all excess space around the text is eliminated so that the frame hugs the baseline of the last line of type in each frame. Now when I use Distribute Vertical Spacing it works beautifully, making the space between my text blocks perfectly equal.

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.