Introducing the new Indra360 TTL from Phottix

Big news from WPPI!
Phottix announced the ultra portable little brother of the Indra500 at WPPI – here seen at the WPPI Launch event where the  Indra360 was announced.

This new studio light from Phottix has:

  • High-speed sync up to 1/8000s
  • 8-stop adjustable power range (1/128-full)
  • Wireless control (with the Odin or Mitros+ trigger)
  • Li-ion battery (good for up to 300 full power pops)
  • LED battery power readout

Rumor has it Phottix will start shipping these units in April 2015, with a price point at $880 (to include the strobe and battery kit). As soon as we get some more time on these RC will do a hands on look on Photography Tips and Tricks!