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InDesign CS4 Exporting to Flash

Adobe instructor A.J. Wood shows viewers how to export a Flash presentation from InDesign CS4. This page presentation will include hyperlinks and buttons, created with the buttons panel in InDesign, whose action will be to move through the pages of the presentation once it has been exported to Flash.


  • Aline says:

    very cool and easy! great tutorial…

  • DMurray says:

    Wow! What a great presentation. Now I know I really NEED InDesign CS4.

    But some questions since I don’t have the $ to buy the entire CS4 suite:
    Can the user zoom in & out – without improvising it in Flash?
    Can I create links anywhere on the indesign page, such as ads or text in a publication?

  • A.J. Wood says:

    Thanks for the comments!

    DMurray – In answer to your question, Yes, you can create hyperlinks out of any object on the page. There is not a zoom control built into the flash presentation, but the user could right-click and zoom the file in the browser.

  • K Baird says:

    Wow! This could be a very powerful tool for proofing documents.

    My question is can a standard 3 panel roll fold brochure created with Adobe Indesign be exported to Adobe Flash to show the folded brochure unfolding each panel by using arrows? Thanks for your help.

  • Luke says:

    Does anyone know if it is possible and if so how can I get the swf file to automatically scale to the users screen so it shows all the document at a good size on different size monitors?

  • carole stull says:

    There are two issues:
    1. How can the user increase the text size?
    2. you can only print one page at a time, how can you print the entire document?

  • Marina Carlstein says:


    Thanks for the demonstration! It is great!

    My question is, Can I import this to a Existing Flash document. I am doing my portfolio on flash and I have many of my works done in Adobe Indesign CS4. This would be a great feature to add to my portfolio.

  • kate says:

    Hi there, thanks for the tutorial. How can I add audio to this type of presentation?

  • Jack Mcormack says:

    I’ve done this and included videos as well but they don’t work in the browser. How do I view in browser with videos working? If I have to do it through Flash, how?