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Illustrator Quick Tips: Grab Hold of the Power of Touch Type

Adobe certified instructor Jeff Witchel shows what the power of Touch Type Tool can do. In this quick-tip video, Jeff will show you how the Touch Type Tool can manipulate the individual characters in type as if they were separate objects.

One Comment

  • Vinylman says:

    My take on this is that though it is a handy and perhaps useful tool, Those of us who won’t be using the CC version of Illustrator won’t be following this feature any time soon. As always, I will find a work around, OR just completely disregard these type of tools.

    It may be why Adobe CC will continue to loose market share to graphic programs that are not FORCING long time users to continue to pay for upgrades that are marginally useful on a day to day basis.

    I have been an Apple user since 1988, and am becoming more and more disappointed at Adobe and Apples failure to accept that many of us in a difficult financial market are not bottomless financial reservoirs that where available several years ago.
    ANY investments in updates for me from this point forward will only be made because it makes financial sense, NOT because some corp. tries to dictate a change in marketing direction. In needs to make financial sense, or I will not be following the upgrade.

    Recently I have discovered several OTHER viable graphic design programs which are challenging my former reliance on the Adobe suite of products. And they are very cost effective.