Snake Arm or Swiss Army Knife?

Photographers love tools that make their work easier, do more than one thing, and help them carry less gear. This is especially true when it comes to grip equipment. What is "grip equipment"? Good question! It's the general term used to describe light stands, grip heads, spigots, or any piece of hardware used to securely and safely mount lighting equipment, light modifiers, and even cameras exactly where they're needed. A reliable, multipurpose piece of grip equipment can be a lifesaver in the studio or on location.

Manfrotto's Magic Arm has become standard issue grip equipment for photographers seeking a flexible, durable, jack-of-all-trades solution that MacGyver would be proud of. Fans of the Magic Arm are going to love Manfrotto's new Snake Arm, an innovative, compact, reimagined take on the flexible grip arm. Designed from the ground up and sharing the same mount-anywhere, do-anything mission as the Magic Arm, the Snake Arm takes functionality to the next level. Its twistable design, four-point rotation, and locking system allow users to twist and lock the Snake Arm into myriad previously impossible shapes. Add to this its three mounting spigots and you have a really useful grip arm that can be used in endless configurations, supports multiple pieces of equipment, and has innumerable uses.

With a maximum weight capacity just shy of 9 lbs, the Snake Arm is perfect for supporting external flashes, lightweight strobes, and DSLRs. One of the things I like to do is twist the Snake Arm into a small light stand for ground level use when lighting backgrounds.

The Snake Arm is available alone or with a Super Clamp for added mounting options.

Company: Manfrotto Distribution
Price: $179.99
Rating: 5
Hot: Innovative; lightweight; compact; multipurpose