LumoPro LP 180 Camera Flash

Manual Flashgun Set to Delight Strobists

The latest camera flash by LumoPro, the LP180 Quad-Sync Manual Flash, comes in a padded carrying pouch, with a stand, specially cut Rosco color-correction gels, and a sync cable. It recycles in four seconds on NiMH batteries, and one second on high-voltage battery power.

The LP180 flash has the same motorized zoom adjustment as the LP160, and you can make 1/3-increment power adjustments, with a range from 1/128 to 1/1. With this new LP180 flash, you can choose from 12 modes of built-in optical slave functions: S0 turns it off, S1 is standard slave, and modes S2-1 through S2-10 offer multiple pre-flash arrangements.

When the LP180 flash is ready to fire, it doesn't whine; instead, you're warned by a discreet alarm, which you can turn off. The flash head has 180° rotation freedom to both sides, and inclination goes from -7° to 90°.

One brilliant addition to the LP180 is the 1/4-20 mounting thread on one side of the flash head and, for good measure, LumoPro now also includes a sturdy stand with another mount in the bottom. Finally, the metal hot shoe has a rubberized safety lock—from left to right—that you can actually operate with gloves on.

The battery door on the LP180 has a hinged design, and the power pack interface sits behind another hinged door where you'll find the firmware update interface, the mini-jack and PC-Sync connection.

The LumoPro LP180 Quad-Sync Manual Flash is great value for the money. It would be absolutely perfect with a GN help/calculator.

Company: LumoPro
Price: $199.99
Rating: 5
Hot: Accurate power increments; hot-shoe design; mounting options