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Fireworks CS4 Overview – Part 5 of 10

RC goes over the merging of graphic and paths, grouping of multiple layers, locking layers, and masking in Fireworks CS4.

[If you would like to follow along with RC, the project files for these lessons are available for download. Click here (25 MB)]


  • Chess says:

    The tutorial jumps and misses the part where you set the mask up.

  • sam says:

    perhaps an edit point?
    great article…looking forward to more FW CS4 tuts

  • RC says:

    Hey Chess:

    The mask doesnt happen until 2:13 into the video..

    hope that helps..


  • Danny Hale says:

    Man these are great but I think it would be even better if you put like 3 of them together into 1 or at very least put a link to the next one under the one thats finishing

  • jhon says:

    how do you group the bride image. I couldnt seem to pick that part up on how you did that.

  • Jim says:

    Why did the masked image change from colored to black and white?

    Can you mask an image (to make it fit into your shape/path) without changing it’s color?

  • Lars Johnson says:

    I think that what he actually did was to use the image to mask the white shape… If you wanted it the other way, you need to have the white shape on top. Then the color would be preserved.

  • Scott says:

    Great series. But I agree, the masking segment is confusing.

  • Howie Ver says:

    Nice series of tutorials, but this one skips at 1:53, and the whole section on setting up the mask is missing, alas.