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Fireworks CS4 Overview – Part 10 of 10

Fireworks CS4 allows you to export your comp in a variety of formats, but the newest way to package this comp is the Adobe PDF format. With the Adobe PDF format you can create an interactive page that gives you all of the benefits of interactivity with security, all in a single file.

[If you would like to follow along with RC, the project files for these lessons are available for download. Click here (25 MB)]


  • jt says:

    Great feature. I probably wouldn’t have found out about this option without these videos. Thanks!

  • Cheezhing says:

    Does Adobe Fireworks accept SWF files and other media. Or do you need to do in Adobe Dreamweaver?

  • mizrahi says:

    Please, Would you explain me why it is impossible to load this vidéo named : Fireworks CS4 Overview – Part 10 of 10 ? (the others videox : 7 of 10 or 8 of 10 are perfect)

    Thanks for answering

  • Dennis says:

    Great tutorial of

    How do i find more tutorials from you.