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Fireworks CS4 Overview – Part 1 of 10

RC talks about the new Fireworks CS4 Interface and creating/adjusting shapes in the Canvas of a document using the new Smart Guides feature of Fireworks CS4.

[If you would like to follow along with RC, the project files for these lessons are available for download. Click here (25 MB)]


  • Michelle says:

    How do you turn on Smart Guides? I have CS3 Fireworks. I have turned on the guides: View > Guides > Show Guides, but I don’t have an option of Show Smart Guides — is a difference work space?

  • Shingo Arase says:

    I was excited about FW CS4 and installed immediately according to instructions. But I can not open the CS4 file. “Could not launch FW. An internal error occurred.” I do have FW CS3. I called the Adobe, they say we do not support the beta. What did I wrong?

  • Sarthak Singhal says:

    The Smart Guides feature is available only in Fireworks CS4 beta and is not present in any previous versions of Fireworks

  • camilo lopez says:

    cann’t wait for september 23, fireworks and dreamweaver are my favorite tools!!!

  • David Mabele says:

    Please stop adding the advertising at the end of tutorials.

  • aleajo says:

    Why no fireworks online tutorial video on Kelby Training?

  • Mary says:

    Very good info in simple and easy to understand language. Thank you!

  • virginiaboy says:

    I agree with aleajo. We need a Fireworks class on Kelby. Please RC do a class for us.

  • Michael says:

    Excellent, the come back of fireworks.
    The new Fireworks CS4.

  • Waqas says:

    please explain is fw cs 4 enough for website design or just for prototyping ……..

    should i have to learn photoshop……

    actually i am very good at fw cs3 for design / exporting css (layer based) design.