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Crazy 3D Shapes in Illustrator

Just by experimenting with the Type tool and the 3D effect Revolve, you can use the alphabet to create a whole series of 3D objects.


  • Jimmy D says:

    That is friggin cool!
    Off to try it for myself now!

  • Sekquiree says:

    That was cool!
    Will give it a try!

  • Sharon T says:

    I tried it and it is AWESOME!
    Why won’t it let me create the same effect in a web document instead of just print. All my Effects are greyed out and won’t allow me to select them.

  • Professor says:

    As always you guys rock, this is just too much fun.

  • TV says:

    Wow, this is so neat! Will definitely try this out.

    Thank you!

  • gbich says:

    Ooh, revolving the #2 looks really cool, and I could see using ( or ), too. Thanks for this great tip.

  • Eugene Tyson says:

    That’s excellent. I started trying out the Wingdings set and you get cool shapes with that.

    Then I tried it with just Arial, and the { makes a cool candle stick holder and the } makes a good shape of a pill. And when you rotate it 45 degrees it makes a bowl.

    So rotating the type gives it more posibilities. With 365 degrees in a rotation there is virtually billions of shapes you can create with the keyboard and the punctuation keys.

    That’s an fantastic discovery.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • snow says:

    this is really cool! thanks for sharing! the power of play!

  • Jess mess says:

    AHHHH!!! love it! 🙂

  • Reimu says:

    This is awesome. Very funny. Will be fun to try with different crazy fonts!

  • francois says:

    very good lesson,sorry for my englisch i am flemisch