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Cool Logo Effects in Adobe Illustrator

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In this tutorial, Corey designs a logo by employing some useful techniques in Adobe Illustrator.


  • Jesper Hvid says:

    Very cool and simple tutorial, and what an effect you get!!! GREAT STUFF

  • Phinesse says:

    Cory you are the best. I have been learning from you in photoshop for a while and I love it. Now its time for me to learn illustrator. Ive been playing around in it but I get frustrated. So I searched for your tuts. Bingo Here you are. You dont take it for granted that we all are old hands at this and expain every step.
    Well now to the point. How do you keep the outer points selected? I selected a few and then go to select more and the last ones I selected just before turn white (I supose they unselect) How do I keep them all selected around the ellipse? Thanks
    Great job!!!

  • dave says:

    Another GREAT tutorial, You never cease to amaze me,Cheers

  • Inayat Meera says:

    great! helps a lot. thank you. Please put more tutorials like Logo & Graphic Design….

  • mark says:

    Corey, your tutorial is very helpful. Your design examples and use of illustrator are very creative.

  • Saranga Asith says:

    Thanks corey. Can catch how to use illustrator 3D effects , pathfinder pallet options & some kind of shortcuts. So I want to be a great designer like you.

    so I’ll send a link and see ma creations using illustrator.but I would like to say comparing ur creations ability my fellows are very poor.
    these all creations I did 4 ma customers.
    catch da link bellow……

  • Saranga Asith says:


    Under “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE” album available some kind of designings & these are I done following ur tutorials.. thanks……

  • Terry Reinert says:

    I find it amazing how easy you make this stuff look. Just goes to show… if you know the tricks, you’re good to go! Thanks for the cool tutorial.


  • Don says:

    Thanks Corey,
    Very helpful!

  • Roxana says:

    Thank you, this tut helps a lot!

  • Nour says:

    That was really cool. Thank upi 🙂

  • RASHMI says:

    wonderful 3D effect……..helped a lot….!!!!

  • Paul says:

    I’m using CS3 trying to do your new step-by-step “Designing With Flair” from march/ april 2009 and reached a point where I run into problems with most Layers/ Photoshop Magazine tutorials, that being one step in each walk through that doesn’t work. I’m looking for the “dot pattern vector pack” and don’t have it. Is this something I need to pay extra for? I run into these problems a lot with these walk-throughs where there is one step that doesn’t make any sense, and I don’t know if it is due to the “instructor’s” own personal work space short-cuts being over looked vs. the default settings or what, but this brings lots of frustration on my end when everything is going well until i hit that one snag that keeps me from completing the exercise. Can you help me on this?

  • Stephanie says:

    Thanks Corey! You explained the mesh tool with simple elegance.

  • Azurra says:

    belo tutorial … muitas coisas se da pra fazer !

  • Josh says:

    I am using the Direct Selection Tool (White Arrow) in Illustrator CS3. In the beginning of the video tutorial and I am selecting the outer points and every time I go to select another outer point(s) the other blue ones that I have selected are tuning white again. Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • Josh says:

    Josh, in CS3 you might need to hold down Shift as you click each point.

  • Brent says:

    To Josh and Phinesse, if you want to select multiple points using the direct selection tool (the “hollow” or “white arrow”) press and hold the shift key while selecting the each vector (it is not necessary to continue holding the shift key when not selecting a point).

  • Melissa A. Chambers says:

    Gosh, that explanation of the mesh tool is great! I can’t wait to go back to class on Monday and show my instructor that. heheh Not to mention sending all my classmates to Layers for tutorials.

  • angela says:

    Hold down the shift key while selecting to pick all of the outside points.

  • Michelle says:

    You have to hold the shift key down while selecting the next point, otherwise, each time you click, you deselect the previous point.

  • Cheryl says:

    Great tutorial! Easy to follow and very cool.

  • inquesthelp says:

    keep those tutorials up dude.exellent work!

  • Ashleigh Stott says:

    dude thats really cool keep up the excellent work, this helped me with an assignment xx

  • Ashleigh Stott says:

    thnx corey u did a wonderful job 🙂 thnx 4 the help

  • Sudhir kumar says:

    Hi corey u are great, amazing use 3D effects in Illustrator
    ultimate and greatful thanx from myself i have learn 3D effects with the help of this tutorial.

  • Shadowseeker says:

    This is quite helpful, thanks! By the way, you might want to check out this page:

    It shows you how to create a particle effect for your logo!

  • Josh says:

    Love the #D info. Very useful to me. Thanks.

  • teresa says:

    can you mesh an object (oval) that has a compound or shape (oval) inside it?

  • julius says:

    This is very good tutorial For trainer . Thanks Friends for your nice video tutorial

  • zooronto says:

    source file please!!!

  • apstrac2winner says:

    i finnaly understood about the mesh tool…

  • Deborah North says:

    Where are the answers to questions posted. I’m in CS3 and can’t find the “dot pattern vector pack” either. Is it only in CS4? Thanks, Deborah

  • Chris Main says:

    Hi Deborah,

    CS3 doesn’t have the dot pattern vector pack. Corey does have a workaround for this that’s too long to post in the comments section and too short for its own tutorial. If you contact me via email, I’ll forward those instructions to you.

    Chris Main
    Managing Editor
    Layers Magazine

  • Michelle says:

    Corey, your the best!

  • Beth McNabb says:

    Thank you very much Corey. I appreciate all the work you put into the tutorials. It helps me to understand and begin to use Illustrator. And look like I know what I am doing!

  • koey says:


  • William says:

    This is going to sound exceedingly dumb, but I just downloaded a trial of Illustrator and know nothing about it. I assume you have to Open, New, choose size of document…my problem..the hand selector tool will not go away. All it wants to do is grab the page and move the page around. I can select the tools from the menu, but the hand selector will NOT go away. I cannot draw at all. I know I sound completely stupid, because I don’t know the first thing about this program, and there are no tutorials that begin with “File, Open, New…” you all seem to be jumping in on projects for people with a basic working knowledge of this program. Please help. Links to the most basic instruction is appreciated.

  • I want to use this cool effect.
    Good share its really helpful blog for designer to learn something new from it.