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Epson Artisan 800

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Epson Artisan 800Too bad the Epson Artisan 800 doesn’t cut, slice, dice, chop, or make perfect French fries…but this all-in-one is very reliable: copying, faxing, making quality color prints, scanning, printing on CDs/DVDs, and reading and printing directly from built-in memory card slots. It can work as a standalone, be connected to a computer via USB 2, and networks with either Ethernet or Wi-Fi. This multitasking inkjet performs well in all functions, refuting the notion that good electronic equipment should only have a single purpose.

The Artisan is a marriage of technology and design. Its mirror piano-black casing is striking and all of its features are well placed for ease of use. The 800 feels solid except for its flimsy paper guides and output tray. The centerpiece is a stylish, tiltable, 7.8″ touchscreen navigational and menu control panel with a 3.5″ LCD to view, edit, and print digital camera files. Its two adjustable paper trays for printing documents or photos can hold 120 sheets of plain paper, accommodating paper sizes from 4×6″ to 8.5×14″. The Artisan uses six Claria dye ink cartridges and, with a variable droplet size as small as 1.5 picoliters, color prints are stunning. The Artisan 800 is fast! A professional-quality, 8×10″ color print took less than a minute and a full page of legible text printed in 8 seconds.

Built into the lid, the automatic document feeder for copying holds up to 30 sheets of A4 paper and worked without a hitch. The scanning bed, measuring 8.5×11.7″ has a top optical scanning resolution of 4800 dpi and scan quality is very good. Add in a color and black-and-white fax machine that can store up to 180 pages in memory and the Artisan 800 is quite the multifunction performer.
Steve Baczewski

PRICE: $299.99
FROM: Epson America, Inc.

HOT Fast; spectacular color prints
NOT Unreliable with a wireless connection


  • Sam says:

    I owned the Artisan 800, briefly. Yes, it was very stylish, printed beautiful color prints, but only on Epson paper. Others photo paper, the ink would bleed out and took forever to dry, it ever.

    It had a hard time printing on card stork, and no ink would appear on Vellum paper.

    Paper jams were common, and it would try to feed itself 5 – 10 sheets of paper at a time.

    Customer Service admitted to all these problems. Also, to only testing on their paper, no need to try any other. Consequently, you purchase this printed you purchase only Epson paper.

  • Shawn says:

    I hate this printer. It constantly jams when printing on regular paper. It can take up to 30 minutes to print 15 pages because of the paper jam issue. I don’t have time for this. This printer must go.

  • Sandi Danna says:

    I print photo greeting cards which are an odd size paper (6.25 x 9.00). Does anyone else have trouble with the printer pulling paper thru crooked? Is there a special trick to getting a card printed with equal margins?

  • jay says:

    the printer gave me a paper jam error message but there was no paper jam. It saying that reattach any parts and i checked it already but still have error on the lcd

  • Adam Kaminskas says:

    Obviously there is a design deficiency with this printer,and there needs to be a manufacturers recall. If none is forthcoming, I will never buy another Epson product and also will inform others of same problem.

  • Valarie says:

    I just purchases my printer a few weeks ago, and am now starting to have paper jam problems. I keep having to power off, and on repeatedly after clearing the jam, and still get the error message which forces you to power off the printer. After reading the other comments about this, I am worried that if this problem is not fixable, I too will have to return the printer 🙁 So disappointed because I thought I purchased a top notch printer.

  • Ena says:

    I got the same problem — no paper jam (only multiple sheets of paper were fed in and printed out as one single sheet), yet repeated power-on/off could not make this message go away. Do you know within what time limit we can return the product? I bought it from Best Buy while there was an Epson’s salesman, acted like a Best Buy guy, standing next to this printer to promote it (I should never trust such person again). Should you find any solution, please let me know.

  • CA says:

    I’m now on my third epson 800, as it goes through ink like nobody’s business. I wish I’d never purchased it. I agree with the first commenter, you can only print epson paper on this printer, as every other brand bleeds!

  • jon says:

    I just get a paper jam error on the screen, but there is no paper jam, messed with it for 3 hours and still nothing, my advise, stay away from this printer.

  • Michelle Royal says:

    I purchased the Artisan 800 when it first came out. The flimsy tray that catches your paper when it finish printing broke and they sent me a replacement printer. I connected the printer and the ink finished charging, I decided to check the ink levels. My computer and the printer indicated that all my ink cartridges were just about empty except the black ink. i contacted Epson and was told that maybe the printer was cleaning the print head. I advised the technician that there should be no need for cleaning of the print head if you sent me a replacement printer. The printer also uses a lot of ink. the paper tray is very flimsy and does not work well with heavy weigh paper. The cost of the printer does not support the operatal process. The network does not work. The WiFi does not work like it should. You have to buy a duplexer if you want to perform a automatic two-sided print job. If you want to print wifi, you have to buy another attachment. The printer should cost no more than $150. The printer is advertised as a two-sided printer with wireless operations. They don’t tell you you have to purchase extra parts to utilize those capabilities. I think there should be a class action suit against Epson for the problems that you experience with such an expensive printer that is very costly to use.

  • Mike says:

    This is an expensive machine and it has the same error reading that is mentioned above. This is a lightly used printer. If the life expectancy is less than six months I can tell you this thing $%&^% big time. The DVD printing is a great addition but reliability is HORRIBLE.

  • raelene neve says:

    I am on my second Epson 800 because the first one became defective. After using it for a short period of time, I received a Warning message to “replace the LM (light Magenta) ink cartridge (this concerned me because upon purchasing and setting up I used brand new cartridges (EPSON authentic) and hardly used it). I replaced only to find out it read “does not recognize ink cartridge”. Bought a fresh set and replaced again. Same Message! I figured somehow I received a defective printer so I returned it for another. Worked fine for 2 months and now same exact problem.
    It locks up the printer so you can not use it even for copying! I suppose I will return it again and try a different printer. Too bad for Epson.

  • Matt says:

    Don’t buy this printer. Looks amazing, but jams like crazy. I like epson, but they dropped the ball on this product.

  • Steve says:

    SAME HERE! I’ve never been this frustrated with a product of any kind. This printer takes forever to do the very task it was supposedly designed for – printing. Straight hookup with USB to an XP laptop. I hit the print button and sometimes 4 to 5 minutes later and after all kinds of noises, it will finally eject a mostly normal print. It’s lightly used in my office and will be forever I suppose. Can’t wait till it breaks and I can buy another brand. Thanks Epson.

  • RoGo says:

    I am having the exact same problem mentioned above. Man, I hope there’s a fix for this … very upsetting if I have to try to figure out how to get the printer sent back to the manufacturer. Glad I’m not the only one suffering, though. I would have done exactly what raelene neve did!

  • Purchased this printer for our office. Terrible when it comes to replacing cartridges and bogus errors were common.