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Color Correction in Premiere Pro CS6

This tutorial covers basic color correction in Premiere Pro. Daniel Bryant goes over three different ways to correct color in Premiere Pro. The first is using the Fast Color Corrector. The next way is through a Levels adjustment. The third way is using the Three-way color corrector. Follow along and learn how to get the best-looking video you can.


  • Elle says:

    Thanks for the tutorial, really helped me understand colour correction a little more!

  • Karl says:

    Thank you, extremely helpful and informative. I use curves in Photoshop all the time but never thought of using with video, doh! Cheers!

  • Ted says:

    I watched some of your tutorial and noticed that you do the same wrong thing that I have seen in most video tutorials created on a computer. I would suggest you get someone who doesn't know what you are doing, and have that person watch your video. Then ask them to explain, in detail, what you are demonstrating.

    You apparently don't know about having your mouse cursor visible … a small, black cursor on a dark background just doesn't get it for me if I am trying to follow your comments.

    You present your stuff like most software is presented … you list steps 1,2,4,7 and 9 … and leave out 3,5,6 and 8. You are assuming that a noob like me already knows what you are doing.

    When you click on something … SAY SO. Don't just click and jump your mouse to some other part of the screen without some explanation.

    FOR INSTANCE … when you started talking about the "fast color corrector" … I had to watch several times before I found your cursor and watched as you moved it from the "fast color corrector" thing at the lower left and the video clip on the timeline at the bottom center. You moved the cursor back and forth TWICE and THEN a color wheel appeared in the top left area … with NO EXPLANATION FROM YOU as to HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? You didn't say anything about dragging and dropping the "fast color corrector" onto the video clip.

    I am not watching your video because I already know the subject … I am watching it because I am trying to learn the subject.

  • @Ted—Wow, and thank you for your feedback! Maybe I’ll try using a white/ gray mouse pointer, and making the mouse a little bigger. I’m sorry if I moved a little fast for you. I will try and slow things down in later tutorials. I’m glad you’re looking into Premiere, it’s a great program ! If you ever have any questions, just email me 🙂