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Clipping Masks in InDesign

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Without a dedicated menu item for creating a clipping mask, InDesign need to know the tricks for getting an image into a shape or text. AJ Wood shows InDesign users how to use the paste into command to insert an image into any fill-able frame or shape and to create a clipping mask from text.


  • B. N. Bhat says:

    04 December 2011
    I am a retd guy who started learning about photoshop several years back as a hobby and believe me I have been to most of the photoshop tutorial sites. I did learn from them, but now I kick myself for having a gem of a book “Photoshop CS4-The Missing Manual” in my hand and I went looking for ‘God’ all over the place on the internet. Your videos were fantastic and I do hope by the time I finish learning from the book I should be able to do most of that on my image collection. Also this business of studying Photoshop is helping me keep “LBDF”. Thanks for the excellent tutorials and wish I had this instuctions years ago when my memory was sharper and a burning desire to achieve something. Thanks once again for a job of instructing well done.

  • Dennis says:

    It looks very nice. good tutorial!


  • thanks a lot.. for this tutorial.. 🙂

  • Aynur says:


    Why I can’t watch this video? It’s not open, and loading 🙁

  • Manisha says:

    Hey AJ, thanks so much for this post.. very very helpful! I have a question though.. is it possible to create a “clipping path” over a group of photos instead of one photo? If yes, how?
    Thanks again!

  • Aude says:

    Wow! Thank you very much! I’m new to InDesign but I’m loving it more everyday, especially with greats tutorials like these.
    You’re very clear and you totally understand the problems that a beginner might run into randomly, typically “what’s wrong with my 4 letters?” 🙂


  • Jo says:

    very excellent tutorials, thanks for being quick, concise and for choosing useful content. 10 out of 10 for every aspect 🙂

  • Nice tutorial..Thanks

  • Patrick says:

    Thanks Sir!your a really great tutor!

  • Janie says:


    Just wanted to tell you how fantastic of a tutorial that was. You were involved and helpful and overall a great teacher.