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Clip Trimming in Premiere Pro

Explore the different tools used for trimming clips in Premiere Pro.



  • TurnOFF says:

    great thank

  • Sylvia says:

    I usually just use the trim window by tapping T on the keyboard. The trim window is very precise. Anyway, it would have been nice if the presenter of this had been better prepared. He’s obviously done some editing, so why not show us actual situations where he would use these tools.

  • Gord Wyatt says:

    In my previous comment I said I couldn’t see the video. I was using IE8. I’m viewing the site with Google Chrome now and the video is playing. My mistake.

  • Ragz says:

    i’m such a n00bie at this program, and you’ve saved me alot of time with editing my videos. thankyou for this tip 😀

  • Joe Blow says:

    this guy unfortunately does not have the makeup to be a good instructor, at least for me. he babbles a lot, but without much instructive quality. that might not be so bad if he explained what he was doing while we were watching the video. but he doesn’t.

    in summary, this is a waste of time and if you wondered how to copy a 15-second clip from a 1-hour video, you won’t learn it here.

    sir, you need to try to put yourself in your students’ shoes. explain what you’re doing and have a specific agenda going in. ’cause you did neither here. sorry to be the bearer of bad news.