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Capture from Web with Acrobat Pro

Dave Cross has a quick tip for using Acrobat Pro to easily transform a webpage into a PDF.


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  • beth kagel says:

    Hi. I have a related question for you Dave. I’ve created 3 or 4 “Interactive” portfolio’s using Acrobat 9 professional. My machine is pretty fast, runs Windows 7 without any problems. I upgraded to Adobe Reader 9.

    Here’s the problem:

    I opened the portfolio’s and “ran them” on my new PC and all of the portfolios were (for lack of a better term) “constipated”. The little thumbnails at the beginning were painfully slow and the .swf files were even worse.

    I am using this medium as my sample portfolio delivery and am finishing my latest site facelift. I’m really worried about the “beached whale syndrome” I’m experiencing with Acrobat 9 professional.

    Comments and suggestions, pleaassseee!!