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Banner Ad Templates from Illustrator to Photoshop

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Matt Kloskowski has a tutorial for web designers and graphic designers who work with web banner ads. He shows how to use the banner ad template in Illustrator and bring it into Photoshop. The banner ad template PSD file is available for download by clicking here.


  • Rogério Alexandre says:

    oh wonderful guy!! i’m brazilian and i allways watch layers tutorials i liked so much it’ll be very usefull for me. Thank you!

  • Suri says:

    Great tutorial. very useful for me. thanks.

  • Debbie McNeill says:

    Matt, this tutorial is excellent. I learned so much in just this one tutorial that I hadn’t seen before. Great concise information, I’ll be looking for more tutorials from you. Thank you.

  • Kate says:

    Nice! Very helpful tutorial. Thanks, Matt.

  • Abdullah Al Mamun says:

    I’ m bangladeshi. I have a great interest on it. So I’m expecting this kind of tutorial more.

  • khaled says:

    oh Matt it is brilliant nice tut i love it

  • Carmina says:

    HERMOSO!!! lo recomendaré.

    FAN-TAS-TIC!!! I’ll recommend it!

  • Retroshift says:

    Nice tutorial but I didn’t quite understand how the height of the middle banners stays the same as it the original layer when using the difference blend mode. Doesn’t it all depend on where you sliced the banners down part??
    Are the pixels the same?

  • ragunathan says:

    I’ m Indian. I have a great interest on it. So I’m expecting this kind of tutorial more.Nice! Very helpful tutorial. Thanks, ragunath.

  • angela nunez says:

    Hello Matt! Very useful thanks a lot!
    Angela N.

  • Melissa RR says:

    Matt –
    So good, you are my new boyfriend. Love it.

  • Michelle says:

    I learned so much! thanks!

  • littlemakz says:

    thanx, matt…wonderful!

  • Jason Coleman says:

    This doesn’t really help for animated banners. Do you know many people who are still using static banners? Not me…Is there anything similar to this that would help with animated banners?