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Ask Dave Podcast: Create a Movable Filter

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Ask Dave is a weekly podcast from Photoshop Guy, Dave Cross. In his videos, Dave answers viewer questions about Photoshop tools, actions, settings, etc. Check out the entire series on KelbyTV or subscribe to the feed.

In this video, Dave goes over how to create a moveable filter.



  • John says:

    Couldn’t download – it took far too long

  • Sandra says:

    Great movie. i like video tutorials

  • Vince says:

    I have another technique Dave. Make a new layer but don’t fill the entire layer with black. Make a selection with elliptical marquee tool from center of image almost to document bounds. Feather selection between 50-80 depending on size of pic. Now fill with black, do the lens flare centered in the pic then change blend mode to screen. You should be able to move the lens flare around in the pic with no outline problems. Might even be able to make an animation with the lens flare moving from side to side,etc.