Create a puzzle piece outline for your images using the shape builder tool in Illustrator. Then bring the puzzle pieces path from Illustrator and lay it over an image in Photoshop, add some layer styles, and watch this effect come to life.

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  1. Luuk (Reply) on Friday October 12, 2012

    Great tutorial, thanks!

    • Jeff Witchel (Reply) on Friday October 12, 2012

      Thank you Luuk! More to come so please stay tuned.
      All my best,

  2. Marcos (Reply) on Friday October 12, 2012

    Didn´t know that tool, nice tut!

  3. James Marshall (Reply) on Friday October 12, 2012 …. Mr. Jeff Witchel presenter

    Mr. Witchel you are a great teacher, I will be looking for more of your tutorials.

    What did I learn from this tutorial about Illustrator and Photoshop:

    1) how to use the rectangle tool and its panel (ai)
    2) how to use the ellipse tool and its panel (ai)
    3) how to use the shape builder tool and the shapes to connect (ai)
    4) how to copy/paste from (ai) to (psd)
    5) the use of layers and layer styles (psd)
    6) object>path>split into grids (ai)

    Keep up these great tutorials, attached is the link of the puzzle design I made posted on twitter, enjoy and thank you again for this tutorial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. NICOLA CRUPI (Reply) on Friday October 12, 2012

    Hi there..If i would cut the final photo into can i do? Thanxxx

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