InDesign CS5: Interactive

The new interactive panel in InDesign CS5 makes it easier and faster to create animation without having to write code.

After Effects CS5: Color Finesse

This effects plugin that comes with After Effects CS5 will let editors take better advantage of the higher quality 32-bit color space.

Photoshop CS5: 3D Repousse

There has been a tremendous leap forward with the 3D tools in Photoshop CS5 Extended. In this tutorial, Corey uses the new 3D Repousse tool to create some 3D text.

After Effects CS5: Interface Enhancements

This video covers some of the new additions to the interface including the auto keyframe option and the align to comp button.

InDesign CS5: Auto Fit

Save time with the new auto fit features in InDesign CS5, which will now adjust the frame and image size at the same time.

Illustrator CS5: Shape Builder

No need to use the pathfinder tool anymore to create complex shapes, the shape builder tool makes it one easy click. It even works on text!

InDesign CS5: Layers Panel

Explore the InDesign CS5 Layers panel as well as the span and split column feature.

After Effects CS5: Roto Brush

Reduce your rotoscoping workload by half by using After Effects CS5 new roto brush tool.

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