Unique and Effective Perspective Correction

ViewPoint 2 uses the company's lens database to correct an image. It installs as a standalone app or an Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, or Aperture plug-in. Lens distortion, which is the first panel in the sidebar, is corrected automatically, based on DxO's database.

The Perspective tool corrects vertical, horizontal, 4-point, and 8-point distortions. You can find the first three in other apps, as well (Capture One Pro 7, for example, has an identical perspective-correction tool); however, the 8-point correction feature in ViewPoint 2 is unique and offers dramatic improvements in perspective correction.

The 8-point perspective correction allows you to place the correction lines on different planes. This enables correction of photos with complex vanishing points, or when the elements that need fixing aren't all at the same distance from where the photo was shot.

The next feature on my list is Volume Deformation, which is quite successful at correcting organic forms at the edge of the frame. This tool can also correct distortions after a perspective fix.

ViewPoint 2 also comes with a Horizon Straightening tool and a Crop tool. I found it best to leave the Crop tool in Auto mode, which will do a good job of cropping only as much as really needed. If you want to change aspect ratio, however, you can crop manually.

DxO ViewPoint 2 fixes perspective problems, lens distortion, tilted horizons, and deformed elements at the edges of the frame. The most important reason to upgrade to the new version, however, is the 8-point perspective repair option.

Company: DxO Labs
Price: $79
Web: www.dxo.com
Rating: 5
Hot: 8-point perspective correction; lens-distortion correction