Actual Multiple Monitors

Windows Solution for Multiple Displays

Flexibility and real estate are essential for my animation and graphics workflow, and I've always used multiple displays, but the toolbars, menus, and other items that I needed on the second monitor were a bit cumbersome. I've tried many products to solve this dilemma, but nothing ever really captured what was needed—until now.

The Actual Multiple Monitors name really does describe what it is and what it does! As I dived into this review, I was surprised to find many robust features. First, the program offers the most-requested functionality of having a taskbar on each monitor. This allows you to have your Start button, toolbars, lists, and many other items available at your command. Next, I found the Window Location feature very helpful as it lets you assign a monitor for each application. Now, I can have my graphics programs open on my main monitor while my Office programs (email, Word, etc.) open on the second monitor—where I always drag them anyway! It doesn't sound like much, but it sure helps my workflow (and frustration).

Another nice feature in Actual Multiple Monitors is a set of custom Hotkeys to help professionals make their workflow more efficient. As with anything new, these may take time to get used to, but well worth it once you do. There are many other noteworthy features, such as Window Snapping, Desktop Mirroring, and the Divider; but you'll need to check those out on your own, as I could go on for two pages and my editor won't let me!

Actual Multiple Monitors is the program I've been waiting for to alleviate my frustrations when working with a dual-monitor setup. The functionality is there, the price is right, and it will improve your workflow.

Company: Actual Tools
Price: $24.95
Rating: 5
Hot: Commands on each screen; Hotkeys; Desktop Divider