Professional Color Management for Photographers

The i1Photo Pro 2 is X-Rite's impressive, new, comprehensive, color-management solution for professional photographers. The profile and calibration software for camera, display, projector, and printer has been updated, but the centerpiece is the redesigned, aluminum-cased spectrophotometer with broadened capabilities and a new level of color accuracy.

The USB spectrophotometer reads both reflective and emitted light to calibrate and profile your display and projector, build ICC paper profiles, and monitor ambient room light. Internally, the spectrometer has two light sources, LED and tungsten, expanding what it can measure. It can now compensate for optical brighteners used to artificially brighten whites in papers. The sensor can also read smaller areas and its protective glass can be removed and cleaned for increased accuracy. The important, frequently used, white calibration tile is larger and has a protective dust and dirt cover. A newly designed shoe with a sandbag counterweight holds the spectrophotometer firmly in position for improved display calibration. And the new visual feedback on top of the spectrophotometer flashes a white, green, or red light to indicate if everything is okay.

The software offers basic and advanced customized workflows with a comprehensive Help section. It places more, reduced patch sizes on a target page, thus increasing accuracy and saving time, paper, and ink. The redesigned mount and metal glide rail, which holds the spectrophotometer for reading the profile targets, produces a smoother, faster glide over the strips of patches.

I achieved excellent results calibrating my screen, and built consistently professional-quality paper profiles with lots of detail, neutral grays, accurate colors, and very smooth gradients. Overall, the i1 Photo Pro 2 achieves a new level of accuracy, precision, and ease of use. If you're serious about critical color workflow, look no farther.

Company: X-Rite, Incorporated
Price: $1,549
Rating: 5
Hot: Comprehensive; ease of use