When You Marry in June, You’re a Bride All Your Life

…or so the song goes.

June officially kicks off the summer season and, with that, comes the peak of wedding season. But why are June weddings so popular? Well, this history lesson goes back to ancient Roman times. The month of June honored the goddess Juno, who watched over marriage and childbirth. June was also (and still is) a month that brought long days, beautiful weather, and a wealth of new crops and flowers. The perfect accompaniments for a celebration.

This tradition spread to other cultures as well. In Celtic traditions, the term “honeymoon” was named after the first full moon of the summer solstice, where mead, a honey-based alcohol, was a popular drink for newlyweds. They were told to drink honey every night to increase their health and virility.

The popularity of summer weddings continues to this day. Over 2 million weddings occur in the U.S. each year, over 77% of which happen between May and October.

Regardless of the month, weddings are a wonderful celebration of love and happiness shared with family and friends. With plenty of guests taking photos and professional photographers hired, these timeless traditions are captured for newlyweds to treasure forever.

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