Vision Effects releases Twixtor and ReelSmart Motion Blur for 64 bit Discreet Systems

RE:Vision Effects, Inc. announces 64 bit support of their Irix Discreet Systems (Sparks) versions of Twixtor, their popular retiming solution and ReelSmart Motion Blur, which adds and removes motion blur based on per-pixel calculated motion. The new releases also work within the Linux versions of Smoke and Flint and are available for Burn render farms. Twixtor 4.5 raises the bar in motion estimation. Nick Brooks, Academy Award and Emmy Award winner for visual effects says, "Twixtor 4.5 represents a new touchstone in retiming. The difference in accuracy means that retiming artifacts are either drastically reduced or disappear on the hardest to retime footage. " What’s new for Twixtor 4.5.2 and ReelSmart Motion Blur 3.2.2 • 64 bit support for Discreet Systems (Flint, Flame, Fire, Inferno and Smoke) for the Irix operating system. • Users must make sure that they update their Burn plugins of Twixtor and RSMB when updating to the new versions available today. Pricing: • Twixtor Sparks licenses are priced at $795.00. Burn render licenses are priced at $198.75.     • RSMB Sparks licenses are priced at $189.95. Burn render license are priced at $53.99.     • Current licensees of the Twixtor Sparks version 4 and RSMB Sparks version 3 may update to the new version with both 32 and 64 bit Irix support for free. Availability: • Now available for 64 bit Discreet Systems. • Continues to be available for 32 bit Irix versions Flint, Flame, Fire, Inferno and Smoke and on Linux for Smoke, Fire and Burn. Twixtor and ReelSmart Motion Blur also continue to be available for Apple Shake and Final Cut Pro, Avid Editing Systems, Autodesk Combustion, Eyeon Digital Fusion, Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, Quantel systems and others. Demo material and software, along with pricing and exact compatibility for all versions of Twixtor and RSMB are available at . Twixtor and ReelSmart are trademarks of RE:Vision Effects, Inc. Burn, Sparks, Inferno, Fire, Flame, Burn, Flint, Fire are registered trademarks Autodesk Canada Co. in the USA and/or Canada and other countries. All other references to trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. ####