Apple ships essential security update

(Macworld) Apple has released an essential Safari and system security update for Tiger and Panther desktops and servers. Four separate versions are available, two for each OS, one for desktops and another for servers. Apple states the updates: "Deliver a number of security enhancements and are recommended for all Mac users". A number of key system elements are patched by the release, including Safari and OpenSSL. Other improvements affect: apache_mod_ssl; CoreFoundation; CoreTypes; curl; iodbcadmin; sudo and syslog. Extensive information regarding the update confirms it repairs numerous potential vulnerabilities in favour of users in defence against malicious software coders. The updates are available for direct download using Software Update, or for direct download: Security Update 2005-009 (Tiger Client, 5MB); Security Update 2005-009 (Tiger Server, 6MB); Security Update 2005-009 (Panther Client, 20MB); Security Update 2005-009 (Panther Server, 33MB).