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Using Symbols in Illustrator for 3D Effects in Photoshop

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Illustrator is a terrific resource for creating symbols. Corey takes those symbols into Photoshop and uses the new 3D tools to get creative.


  • Lewis says:

    Cool idea with those vector images. Some of them look pretty sweet in the 3D environment. A whole new avenue to experiement with this weekend.
    Thanks for the tip.

  • no one in particular says:

    Just a comment about the video player you’re using… not being able to change the volume on the player itself during the “commercial” before the screen cast is highly annoying. Luckily, I have a mute button because the volume playback on that is ridiculously high compared to the volume of the videos.

    Just sayin.

  • Guy says:

    WOW!!! It;s the simpliest techinques that give the design work some needed pop!!!

    We want more…..

  • Berger says:

    up to conversion all o.K. , 3-D step not ok sorry ;-(( help

  • N3T1O says:

    speechlees 😉

  • tweezy says:

    why doesnt my gradient tool work like yours? i can’t use the color i want if i do it the manual way….gradient as you showed deosnt work at all.

  • LewiLu says:

    WoW! I am new to Illustrator but have been working with PS since version 3 however, i can’t seem to get the background colour to stay on when moving the object tool as you do in the tutorial. It automatically goes to transparent. So I can’t seem to see what the result will be until I stop moving the mouse. Then I have to remove from history.

    What am i doing wrong or not doing. Tried using the shift key or option key also tried the clipping mask but to no avail.

    Btw just switched over to a Mac from Windows so I’m thinking that I have not set PS up correctly or use the correct buttons on keyboard?

    Please help

  • Kira Kira Chou says:

    Very cool. I am just beginning to watch your videos, but thank you already. I will definitely keep watching. 🙂

    Also very cool how you have 想像力in the back or the screen XD
    I suppose it’s the real key to all designs.

    But CS5 really seems to have a punch of nice features!
    Will stay tuned on this!