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Understanding Channels in Photoshop CS3

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Photographer Chris Alvanas wants to take some time to go over Channels. That’s because understanding what they are and what they do is key to understanding what their potential is.


  • Jane Hennessy says:

    very interesting tutorial.. but how would you use the channel method to mask fly away hair when the background is a very similiar color to the person’s hair?

  • Karon Troup says:

    Hello Chris,
    I wanted to let you now that, I know how important it is in understanding, levels. however,I am lost I need more tutorial..I need to get to the meat and the potatoes of what I need to better understanding,
    This is very important to me, I need to make an income from my work developing.
    Thank You for thank you so much for help us all

    Fan for life Karon