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Understanding Channels in Photoshop CS3

Photographer Chris Alvanas wants to take some time to go over Channels. That’s because understanding what they are and what they do is key to understanding what their potential is.


  • Jane Hennessy says:

    very interesting tutorial.. but how would you use the channel method to mask fly away hair when the background is a very similiar color to the person’s hair?

  • Karon Troup says:

    Hello Chris,
    I wanted to let you now that, I know how important it is in understanding, levels. however,I am lost I need more tutorial..I need to get to the meat and the potatoes of what I need to better understanding,
    This is very important to me, I need to make an income from my work developing.
    Thank You for thank you so much for help us all

    Fan for life Karon