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TV Scanline Effect

Learn how to create a TV Scanline Effect for any photo.



  • Catamaran (aka Gallimaufry Lacuna) says:

    It’s too quite in here! Where is Corey Barker?

  • mel says:

    my name is mel

    My question is about PSD . I’m building a web site using PSD and transferring it to WD or flash to create the wed page. Actually I have two question for you. Can I create an AE document and put just the display in PSD and slice it for the web and have played by the other program when it is publish. Div scr command or a href command . when they go to the web site they will see this part of the main page playing.
    #2 if you don’t mine please
    It deals with slicing PSD when a lots of graphics are involved and layers also . what’s the best way?
    Thank you for your time.

  • mel says:

    wrong date

  • mel says:

    can any one help?