To Set Up a Document for a Cell Phone, Ring Up Device Central.

If you needed to create graphics to be displayed on a particular cell phone, how would you set up your Illustrator CS3 document with all the right specifications? You could call the manufacturer and hope the right person answers your call with all the right answers. But imagine if you had to design these graphics for all the popular phone models made by all the major cell manufacturers. That could take weeks of research.

In CS3, you can simply go to File > New and in the New Document window that opens, select “Mobile and Devices” from the New Document Profile pop-up menu. Press the Device Central button that appears and this new CS3 application will open, allowing you to choose from among the wide range of devices under the New Document tab of the window. To set up a document for a particular model, double-click on the “AI” screen to the left of the phone pictures. This will automatically open a new Illustrator document with all the correct document settings for that model.

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.