This "Repeat Tab" Tip Is Not a Repeat.

I’ve always said that some of my best tips come from the questions that my students ask. The following came from a great question about a tip I wrote a while back about the Repeat Tab feature in the Tabs palette. I was taking a class through the process of setting up Tabs with “underline” Leaders while laying out the “name and address” fill-in parts of a return card. One very bright student asked, “Instead of setting up your Tabs with underline Leaders one at a time, couldn’t you just set up the first one and go to the Options menu of the Tabs palette and select Repeat Tab?” Doing this saves the time of setting up two or more Tabs with Leaders. So, all that’s left is just adjusting your Tab spacing afterwards, which saves a good amount of time.

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.