RNSoft Introduces RSS Feed Generating and Editing in Dreamweaver

RNSoft Introduces RSS Feed Generating and Editing in Dreamweaver MX, MX2004 or Dreamweaver Version 8 with RSSDreamFeeder v 2.0.

So you build your website with Dreamweaver? Spend all your time updating pages and posting content? Want to get your content republished in portals and news sites like Yahoo and Google News? Want to provide your content to new audiences that use aggregators like NetNewsWire and RadioUserLand instead of web browsers? How about building a Podcast or Photocast?

To do all this you need to publish an RSS Feed — and RSS DreamFeeder lets you do it right from Dreamweaver without retyping your content and without having to know any new RSS/XML codes.

RSS DreamFeeder allows you to directly edit any kind of RSS feed you want. Open up any feed and click the Content tab and you’ll be able to quickly edit the text of your headlines or the url for the audio files you’re using in your podcast.

RSS DreamFeeder also includes an integrated search engine that looks through your website for new and updated content to include in your RSS feed. When you process your feed, any new or updated content will be extracted from your HTML or XHTML pages in the method that you specify, and listed as entries within your RSS file.

RSS DreamFeeder generates the RSS files for you so the only work you have to do is update your site and submit your feed to the news sites. It also helps you build links within your pages to the feeds it creates, includes graphics for your links, can build special links for online aggregators, and can even ping RSS caching servers.

RSS DreamFeeder is the complete RSS solution you’ve been looking for — and its integrated right into your favorite website editing tool.

Get your copy of RSS DreamFeeder today and start publishing your feed tomorrow!

RSS DreamFeeder 2.0 is a major step forward for RSS creation in Dreamweaver websites. With incredible new features like Podcasting, Photocasting, Videocasting, and Document casting along with brilliant innovations like the Content Sampler and Entry Editing, RSS DreamFeeder 2.0 delivers all the power and potential of RSS with the simplicity of using Dreamweaver. For a complete list of features see the Features page on the RNSoft website at: