This Fascinating Documentary Explains How Alien Languages Are Created For Motion Pictures

Moviegoers love to immerse themselves into the worlds they see on the screen. Whether they are watching films like Avatar, Star Trek, or television shows like Game of Thrones, what makes them stand out, is the amount of time and level of detail their creators spent developing the characters, environments, cultures, technology, and special effects seen in the films. To add even more detail, filmmakers will often develop entirely new alien languages specifically for the characters in the film. This helps us, as moviegoers, to immerse ourselves into the film even more, by adding another layer of realism.

In this short documentary, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences talks with Paul Frommer (Na’vi language in Avatar), Marc Okrand (Klingon language in Star Trek) and David Peterson (Dothraki language in Game of Thrones) to discuss their experiences creating entirely new languages for the films they worked on, and how the fans have embraced them, even becoming fluent in the languages they made.

Source: Youtube.