The Key to Unlocking Fast

You’ve gotten a new account and your first assignment is to make some revisions to an existing brochure. You immediately realize that some of the design elements on various spreads are Locked (Object > Lock Position) so that they can be selected but not moved. Without selecting the objects, one at a time to see what’s locked on each spread and what isn’t, is there a way to unlock all objects to save time?

In trying to find a simple solution, you select all the objects on the front cover – Command + A (Control + A on PC). You look under the Object menu and find the key to unlocking your locked object problem. Both the “Lock Position” and “Unlock Position” Commands are available at the same time because some objects are locked and some are not. How convenient! You select “Unlock Position” and all locked objects are now unlocked. Problem solved!

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.