Compact, Lightweight Jib for Video

Shooting professional-looking video footage requires not only a capable DSLR or camcorder, but also a few key accessories essential for high-quality production values. To capture the shots you've seen where a camera fluidly glides across the horizon or moves smoothly up or down in a scene, filmmakers use a tool called a jib, a crane-like piece of equipment that's typically expensive, heavy, and complicated to set up. That is until the folks over at Nice Industries introduced The Aviator Travel Jib, a best-in-class, compact, lightweight, and affordable travel jib. DSLR filmmakers and still photographers embracing motion will love the rapid setup and tear down, as well as the high-end production values that jib shots bring to their footage.

Available in two models, stealth carbon fiber and T6061 aircraft-grade magnesium alloy, The Aviator Jib is not only lightweight but also extremely strong and compact. Using a telescoping leg design with leg locks designed by world-renowned tripod maker 3 Legged Thing, The Aviator Jib packs down to a very transportable 24″ yet extends to an impressive 6′. The carbon fiber model weighs only 2.75 lbs, supporting a maximum load of 7.5 lbs, while the magnesium alloy model weighs in at 3.75 lbs and supports up to 6.5 lbs.

Standout features include easy balancing, a refillable ballast bag, radial bearings at all pivot points, bubble levels, a vertical brake, 1/4 20 female threads on each side of the jib, a locking fluid pan base, and a durable padded carry bag with tripod straps.

In the short time The Aviator Travel Jib has been available, it's been used by big-budget feature films, 60 Minutes, the military in war zones, and filmmakers around the world. Superior build quality, attention to detail, innovative design, and compatibility with just about any tripod make The Aviator Travel Jib a winner.

Company: Nice Industries
Price: Magnesium Alloy: $497; Carbon Fiber: $847
Rating: 4.5
Hot: Lightweight; rugged; compact; fast setup
Not: Matching tripod not included