Old-World Optics for New-World Cameras

Software-based filters for simulated bokeh and old-world camera effects are great, but nothing beats getting it right in camera. The new Petzval DSLR Art Lens brings the look of old-world optics to new-world cameras in a way no other lens has. Zenit and Lomography engineers have teamed up to redraw, recalculate, and remeasure the original classic 1840 Petzval lens and create a new, updated version compatible with modern DSLRs. Currently, both Nikon F and Canon EF lens mounts are available.

Used at wider apertures, the reimagined version of the 175-year-old lens design produces a swirly bokeh effect unlike anything you've ever seen and a tack-sharp center. Digital shooters longing for a more analog feeling will love this lens, while film aficionados will appreciate the exciting new possibilities that this lens offers. When it comes to wow factor, there's plenty of that here, too, thanks to Petzval's standout-in-a-crowd, shiny brass finish.

The Petzval's 85mm fixed focal length and f/2.2 maximum aperture make it fast and perfectly suited for a multitude of portrait, editorial, and fashion photography applications. Fully manual, the lens features a geared focusing knob and drop-in Waterhouse aperture inserts. When used at narrower apertures, this lens is sharp. It's no slouch in the optical specs department either. The redesigned Petzval contains high-quality, multicoated lens elements producing excellent color saturation and contrast. If you're looking for a game-changing lens, the Petzval just might be the one. It's available in both brass and black finishes.

Company: Lomography
Price: Brass: $599; Black: $699
Web: www.lomography.com
Rating: 4.5
Hot: Finely crafted; gorgeous bokeh; tack sharp
Not: Waterhouse aperture inserts easy to lose