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Striping Live Type in Adobe Illustrator

Adding graphic styles to your text while keeping the type editable.


  • andrew says:

    That is a pretty great tip. Thanks!

  • Sean Donnahoe says:

    I love the tutorials that you guys provide. This is an awesome website however, there is a downside. I wish the video tutorials didn’t auto-start. I have the rss ticker bar on my firefox and I open all of me feeds in new tabs at once. and I have to run thru the tabs to stop all the auto-starts. I would like to be able to run them myself. I also think this would save you guys bandwidth, since I could chose to close the window if it is a tut I am not really interested in.

  • James says:

    with the live type if you click on it with selection tool to make the fill and stroke attributes dissapear in the panel.. All you have to do is click on fly out menu and choose add new fill or stroke.. and then you can do all of this on the fly with live text.. You may already know this but it seems like and easier and more direct approach.
    Good tut though.. I’ve watched many of yours.. 🙂

  • Saranga Asith says:

    many times I searched thiz tipe method. but I’m couldn’t succeeded. so diz is da first time I’m thnk you very much JEFF. thanks again.
    T H A N K U V E R Y M U C H
    Saranga Asith__________________ .

  • Ster says:

    Thank you for the tute, Jeff AND to James, thank YOU very much for your comment! I tried it your way and your method is indeed a more direct method to get the same results as well as saving it as a graphic style. Thanks again to both!

  • Wilco says:

    Yes James is right, there is a much easier way in which you can add multiple strokes and fills to an object/live type and also apply filters and effects to the strokes or fills.

    Create some live Type, select it with the selection tool, Go to the appearance panel (Make sure “Type” is selected in the appearance panel, not “Characters”) and click on the fly out menu. Choose add new fill or stroke. To move the stroke behind the text you will have to drag the strokes (now shown in the appearance panel) below the “Characters” section.

    As mentioned above you can also add different stroke types, filters and effects to each stroke or fill.

    And you can still change the text on the fly.
    Pretty handy.

  • Baldrick says:

    Top tip!! I’ve a client who uses multi stroke text daily, this will save me loads of time

  • mike blaq says:

    wonder full stuff gang please keep up the good work

  • almuth says:

    James you are right! …tried it out (my tip: don’t double click your text, just select it…then the “new stroke/fill” is available by clicking on the fly out)

  • Jeff Witchel says:

    Hi James, Almuth, Wilco, and All Others,

    Hmm! Interesting!

    Just goes to show you, no one can possibly know everything. Not even the “Layers tips guy.”

    Your way is obviously a lot faster and more direct than my workaround. Sounds like a good Tip of the Day to me.

    All my best,


  • almuth says:

    Hi Jeff !
    …you definitely proofed that there are countless ways leading to Rome! 🙂

  • Ray Daley says:

    I’m new at Illustrator and this tip is invaluable! I have been trying to figure out how to do this for quite some time.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • ToT..Zaa from thailand says:

    in appearance ..

    no fill – no stroke in caracters
    add new stroke in type
    move caracters in type
    double click caracters and fill colour
    or select caracter at want to fill colour
    and you can add more strokes in type.

    i’m foolish English language .. sorry.

    Good luck ..

  • lensho says:

    Yeap, I agree with Toot..Zaa, you don’t need to do create outlines from text to add more strokes to it.
    -Select your text
    -Then in the appearance palette (Window– Appearance) remove the fill and stroke from text from ‘CHARACTER’, then double click the word ‘TYPE’ (just above ‘CHARACTER’ inside the Appearance palette) then you can duplicate strokes or add more fill colors, effects, and what ever you want 🙂
    also if you drag that text to graphic styles you can apply the same effect to anything else by selecting an object then click on your created style from the graphic style palette.

  • Krishna says:

    Finally!! exactly what i have been looking for for a few weeks now!!
    thanks! 🙂