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Strange Portrait in Photoshop

In this tutorial Dave Cross experiments with the color range command and goes to work on a portrait to create some creative variations of the image.


  • scott webb says:

    this is a pretty cool tutorial!!!

  • ben capozzi says:

    Thanks, Dave! Liked the integration with Illustrator, but frankly just enjoyed watching how you use the mouse and hearing key commands to get more done faster. I’d forgotten about Command-J to duplicate, didn’t know about the presets for Highlights, Midtones, and Shadows in the color range selection, and never realized I could drag through layers to hide them (was always clicking one at a time). Much appreciated.


  • khaled says:

    Nice ideas

  • Allan Sicks says:

    All f a sudden, I can’t get the video tutorials on this site and also on the Planet Photoshop site to play. Have been watching them for years, but now I can’t even get the ones that I was able to watch last week to play. Using a Mac OS 10.5.6 and Safari. Have also gone to the Adobe site and did a re-install of the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.


  • uma says:

    amazing.. u have sorted out my big problem

  • Linda says:

    I had the same problem with my Flash Player. When I updated my system software, Flash would only work on certain things in Safari.

    Resolved it by using FIREFOX. Don’t know why, but it works.

  • Derek Smith says:

    I don’t have illustrator but managed to follow the photoshop bits to create this image.

  • Stuart Marshall says:

    Awesome tutorial there! Inspiring, to the point, full of handy tips and well-narrated. This will fuel me for the next few hours. Thanks!

  • Cliptoematic designs says:


  • kitty pie says:

    Very very cool Dave!

  • matt says:

    great tut:) many Thanks

  • pat says:

    I remember you from the lessons in Photoshop Elements . I think you are the greatest. I like everything that you teach.

  • milibeke says:

    Hi – just watched this tutorial and loved it but there is a much simpler way > sorry!
    Create a selection > in the Paths palette at the bottom select button Make work path from selection > this creates a path of your selection (same as Live trace in illus) > then Edit > Define custom shape. simple!! love it, will make use of this handy new skill.

  • Marty says:

    just learning some of the little things allows me to experiment and apply it to other stuff.

  • Soup says:

    Awesome to the max!